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Whether you own a hotel, or you are acquiring or developing one, your hotel should not be merely a lodging product. Your hotel should be part of a broader and deeper lifestyle experience for today’s discriminating traveler. You need more than just a concept, technical advice, and management. If you aspire to create authentic experiences for the local community and the visitor alike, then welcome, kindred spirit, to The Indigo Road. Our culture and your road to success are built upon a foundation of authenticity, is a journey filled with discovery, and one that leads us all to wellbeing.

Authenticity: The essence of authenticity is honesty and truth. In everything that we create with our clients we strive for authenticity. If we are creating something completely new, then it intrinsically is authentic as it is our very own, original idea. If we are recreating an existing thing or experience, we do it true to the original or else we completely make it our own with a nod of respect to the original and an acknowledgement that we have taken liberties in the interpretation. If we are honest and respect the truth of people and things, then we will be authentic.

Discovery: In everything we do, we aspire to create opportunities for discovery by our guests and our teammates. Discovery is introducing people to something new and sharing with kindness the knowledge about both old and new things that help people grow and expand their world.

Wellbeing: In everything that we create and do, we aspire to wholesomeness and promote physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. We do this by using wholesome products which promotes physical wellbeing and by delighting our guests with our authenticity and moments of discovery so that we create joy which promotes mental and emotional wellbeing.

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• Concept Development
• Branding
• Technical Services