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“There is soul, and there are things. Imagine a world made up only of objects, a world of idle tools. A restaurant of nothing but tables and chairs, a large empty theatre, or a deserted plaza in summer.

They cry out for the service of man, the service to give them life.
We call on man to display his splendid capabilities. and we observe with undivided attention, because the little nuances in the quality of his service give a flawless measure of his mind, they tell us frankly what his soul is worth, Because, to serve is first to love.”

– Giuseppe Cipriani

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In the Community

The Indigo Road believes that genuine hospitality extends outside of a hotel's and restaurant's four walls and into the community that supports it. We are proudly involved in local and national charities through financial support, donations and products to support charitable activities.

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Our Team

Indigo Road employs more than one thousand workers across its twenty-four business locations who are led by the managers and chefs who are among the finest in the hospitality industry today.

Our Team